YASKAWA A1000 Orient

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Spindle Orient

  1. Calibrate machine axis and tool changer.
  2. Set P2-02  Market Offset 1  on the A1000 inverter = 0 first.
  3. From the Manual screen, press the “Orient Spindle” softkey, and then Cycle Start to orient the spindle.
  4. After the spindle is oriented, press the “Spindle Off” button.  
  5. Turn the spindle in CW direction a minimum of two revolutions and stop it at the actual orient position.
  6. Monitor U7-02   Dist From Marker on the A1000 inverter to view the current orientation encoder counts.
  7. Set parameter P2-02 on the A1000 Inverter (0~4095) = U7-02 to adjust orient position and then escape to Dataset.
  8. FOR 10K SPINDLE NON 1:1 Ratio ONLY F1: Set N95:214 = 1, force rotation before orientation.   
  9. Turn on the spindle CW or CCW in manual mode and perform the orientation several times to check the orient position.

Tool Change Height

  1. Enter the Integration Support Services on Hurco controller – Aux/Menu Key, select the “Utility Screen” soft key, select the “Integrator Support Services soft key, enter the password (46268) and press the OK button.
  2. Select the “Machine Setup and Test” soft key.
  3. Select the “Tool Changer Diagnostics” soft key.
  4. Select the “More” soft key twice.
  5. Select the “Move Z axis to Tool Change Height” soft key, and press Start.
  6. Select the “More” soft key.
  7. Select the “Orient Spindle” soft key, and press Start.
  8. Select the “Tool Pocket Down” soft key.
  9. Select the “Load Arm 60 Degrees” soft key.
  10. Using the remote jog handwheel, carefully and slowly jog the Z-axis down until the spindle nose is 5mm from the top of the load arm.  Physically measure this distance.
  11. Select the “More” soft key twice.
  12. Select the “Set T/C Height” soft key.  Verify new T/C height is set on screen (no longer 0.000).
  13. Select the “More” soft key.
  14. Select the “Load Arm 0 Degrees” soft key.
  15. The tool change height is now set for automatic tool change.

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